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Studio Owner 

Nicole aka "Nikki" is our studio's lead instructor and 

reiki practitioner, she is the glue to our studio and her compassion for helping students shines through in every class. "My vision is to transform lives by helping others feel connected to their truest version of self. I am dedicated to spreading love, diversity and connecting others to mindfulness through yoga and wellness. My journey began in 2010 when I was struggling with a demanding corporate career and seeking a peaceful outlet. In a culture where being true to yourself and honoring your feelings is rare, I took a big leap of faith in 2014 and left Corporate America to begin a self-discovery journey. I learned how to meditate and soothe my anxiety, but most importantly I developed a passion for yoga and healing my body's needs. Most of all, I found gratitude in helping others." Nicole



Certified Fitness & Aerial Instructor

Whether you’re looking for a new workout or simply want to consult with an experienced Aerial Yoga professional, Arlene Lizares is our go-to person for all your fitness and aerial needs. We are lucky to have her positive energy at Nkisoy Yoga.


Yoga Instructor

Looking for a great Yoga Instructor who really knows what both your mind and body need? For many years, Adra Lemos has been influenced by yoga, providing clients and children with the personalized attention they need to fulfill their wellness goals. We are grateful for her yoga wisdom at Nkisoy Yoga.


Yoga Instructor

A balance of strength and mindfulness offers a great duo for any yoga practice especially if you're led by Nada. Her teaching style is gentle but invigorating leaving you feeling more uplifted mentally and physically. She focuses on body alignment and pranayama breathing techniques to guide you from beginning to end. 

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