Working smarter not harder

Have you been feeling like the days are becoming a flash and your energy is overspent? I grew up with a strong work ethic by starting my first job at only 11 years old; I remember helping my mom at her part-time daycare job by going to help her after school. I learned early on responsibility, how to be professional, saving money and if you wanted something that cost money you had to earn it. I never wanted to ask for money from anyone and that mindset has stayed with me. From then on, I worked hard to get what I

"wanted" from various fast food jobs, mall jobs, apartment cleaning, nanny, summer camps and all the way through completing college graduation ending up in Corporate America.

"I've worked more jobs then I can count and that developed a great work ethic of working hard." -Nicole

Fast forward to today, I'm in a new space mentally in my life where I don't want to keep up with this hard worker mindset anymore. It's not that I don't want to give up on my great work experiences but I want to learn how to work smarter from those work experiences. My time and energy are valuable. Only accepting things and opportunities that serve me and my purpose. Not saying, "Yes" to everyone so quickly. Taking a step back to digest what's being asked of me. Asking myself, "Do I really want to be doing this today or even a year from now?" If the answer is "No" then let it go and walk away without overthinking it. I was recently asked to promote a clothing brand that had no value to my business on social media and my response, "No thank you, this brand does not represent me." I know in my heart the universe will bring the right opportunities to me. My end goal is to give one thing my all vs 10 little things bits and pieces of me. No longer feeling burnt out in the end to only continue serving people and things that are not serving me in return.

Your energy is sacred. Protect it at all costs.

Peace & Love,



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