Self Love: A love affair with yoga

We asked our students one question: "What do you love about yoga?" We are sharing our brave students responses and self love journeys through yoga. We aim to inspire others and showcase diversity. If you follow us on social media @nkisoy_yoga, you may have noticed we launched our Self Love Yoga campaign this week by sharing some of these photos. #Selflove #yogaloveaffair

"If you have the ability to love, love yourself first."

- Charles Bukowski

(Self Love) is an important part of our lives to stay optimally healthy. Self Love starts with you. It's less about others and more about being kind towards yourself. It's practicing compassion during the difficult days and embracing (your) joy every day. It doesn't require approval from others and it's non-judgmental. During the month of February we are honoring self love journeys through yoga. We believe in spreading love, community and diversity on and off the yoga mat.

Here's a guide for more self love:

Sensory - Take your time getting ready. Eat slower and move at a more mindful pace. Instead of rushing through everything, be more present in the moment.

Physical - Do some yoga and even if you can't do all the poses just start with simple stretching. Don't be hard on yourself, laugh instead :)

Spiritual - Light some candles and meditate. Or put your phone away for 1 hour and sit quietly with just your thoughts.

Emotional - Write down the single biggest challenge you've overcome. Let this gentle reminder help you get through anything! Remember, you're stronger than you know.

Social - Set boundaries. Decide what is needed to meet your daily social needs and be your own support system.

Take these 5 self love tools and incorporate them into your daily life. Make the time to love yourself more!

Happy Valentines Day!

Peace & Love,



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