Self-care doesn't cost a dime

I recently read an article in the May issue of Natural Awakenings magazine about self-care. A practice I've incorporated into my journey because it's now mandatory. I've learned since becoming a yoga instructor, I can't pour from an empty glass. I can't continue to give and share my energy with others if I'm not feeling rested, inspired and loved. I've also learned to not seek for self-care outside of my own home, meaning you don't always have to spend money to get the same results. Sometimes, it's the simplest gesture that pours the most love into your heart. For me, it's taking a walk alone or doing a soothing facial mask after a hot shower. The Natural Awakenings article touched on a list of other simple actions and activities full of good intentions for self-love. I added my 2-cents below each item.

Simple Self-Care Strategies

Schedule me-time on the calendar

*this is great if you have a hectic schedule, No Excuses!

Unplug from gadgets

*we're all connected via phone, laptop, tv, etc. let your mind rest and see how your body receives it

Spend lunch breaks in the park

*I used to love doing this when I worked in the city, nature is so healing and good for the soul

Rest before hitting the wall of exhaustion

*amen to that! There's a very fine line between working hard and over-kill

Take 10 minutes to stretch and breathe in the morning

*yoga or any gentle stretching releases tension from the body naturally

Meditate in the shower; choose a luxurious, natural body wash

*what a treat to pick your favorite scent that bring you mental joy

Designate a beautiful teacup or coffee mug to use on hectic work days

*my favorite idea, it's so simple and personal

Sprinkle lavender, rose geranium or ylang-ylang essential oil on your sheets

*I have done this before and it feels amazing to jump into a soothing cozy bed

Opt for a gentle work out instead of a high-intensity session when tired

*our bodies move fast pace all day long, gentle work is needed for mind, body & soul connection

Abandon perfection

*living in a world where being true to yourself and your needs is rare. Dare to be true to yourself!

Connect to a higher power, however, you define it, even if it is inner peace

*finding your version of inner peace by knowing that you're not alone and everything has purpose - Natural Awakenings May 2019

Hope these self-care tips are helpful and you can find a way to incorporate some during those tough days. Remember, we all have them and we're all just doing the best we can to journey through life.

Peace & Love,



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