Meditation & Vulnerability

I started off this week with the most challenging meditation on Sunday. I was feeling anxious and not able to go inward and disconnect from my exterior distractions. I'm becoming more present in honoring my Sundays because not only are they the first day of a brand new week but I'm quickly realizing whatever I'm physically doing or emotionally feeling at the top of the week usually sets the tone for the end of the week. For example, if I'm running around trying to rush to get everywhere on Sunday that same energy will follow me throughout the week. If I'm constantly trying to catch up, respond to everyone and get things done quickly there's no surprise I'm left feeling exhausted by Friday. In contrast, if I'm mellow and taking it slow, moving more mindfully to get to my classes or practice self-care after class at home I tend to feel more prepared and grounded. I'm committed to worrying less and slowing down more.

From this past Sunday's challenging meditation to speaking with friends and new students, "meditation" appeared to be the topic of conversation this week. Everything from friends reaching out for meditation tips and learning how to incorporate meditation into their busy lives to students asking me how yoga has influenced my life. Meditation is different for everyone it can consists of 5 minutes of stillness or 30 minutes of only focusing on your breathing uninterrupted. It can also be disconnecting (no phone zone) and going for a very slow mindful walk alone. When pressed for time it can consists of closing your eyes and taking 5 deep breaths. It's amazing how much healing a few deep breaths can do for your mind.

"You create your own version of calmness anywhere amongst the worlds chaos."

- Nicole

Everyone is seeking a peaceful outlet. I was humbled to have experienced a brave new student open up during class this week sharing how her first meditation class allowed her to feel vulnerable, acknowledged and connected to herself. I learned this week that we are all journeying together on similar paths searching for some sort of healing from past trauma and seeking enlightenment.

My goal with the studio is to not only teach the practice of yoga and meditation but to offer a safe space for healing and transformation. I too am healing. I know my purpose is greater than teaching backbends and cobra pose for a living. Learning how to meditate is just a small part in bringing mindfulness into your life. I shared one of my favorite quotes with a student this morning, "The strongest version of you is you being soft". What a great way to end what started off as a challenging week with this beautiful gentle reminder to myself to be vulnerable.

Peace & Love,



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