Inversions: Letting go of fears

When you think about inversions "going upside-down" there's hesitation and fear involved until you feel comfortable. I have been teaching yoga for almost 5 years and just let go of my own fears of inversions. Let's be honest, inversions are scary as hell and have never been my thing. Most would assume because I' m a yoga teacher, I must practice inversions all of the time. Actually, it's the opposite I never felt 100% comfortable. I was taught very quickly during a teacher training the basic cues to get into the pose but afterwards I didn't feel prepared. And I didn't feel comfortable teaching inversions in my classes (full of students) and all eyes on me. I needed to feel comfortable first and then one day I'll be ready...

Afterwards, I finally decided I will invert when I feel good and ready on my own time. I wanted to go up when I felt mentally stable not just physically fit. No need to rush just because I'm a yoga instructor. I've always considered myself as a leader and never followed what everyone else was doing, ie. yoga teachers + inversion craziness. So, it took me many years to get to a place of fearlessness and finally invert with independence. All along, it was my fear of letting go of my past, fear of failing in my yoga practice and fear of not being good enough. Once I came to this conclusion, I started with small baby steps against a wall always as my safety net. I would gently kick up and lean against the wall for support and work on my alignment. I would tense up my body and loose my breathe immediately. It was through these practice sessions, I learned I had to have patience and kindness towards myself, this helped too.

It's crazy how we allow our physical comfort zones to get in the way of our mental growth. I always felt I had the physical strength capacity to go up, I practiced yoga everyday and my core was strong. None of this matters because I couldn't let go of my fears. Not just my fear of falling flat on my face but a bigger fear I had no idea I was holding, fear of not believing in myself. It's strange how yoga brings you to your mat to move and breathe and connect the two but somehow you learn so much more about yourself in the process.

Today, I let go of the wall and my fears. A bit shaky in the beginning but baby steps and grateful for this big milestone in my yoga journey. Always grateful for growth.

Peace & Love,



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