Intuition: The universe knows

3 words. Trust your intuition. I've always been a doubtful person when it comes to my reality. You know the feeling of always second guessing yourself, thoughts and how things come into fruition. I don't know where this feeling of self doubt comes from or if I was just born this way. Either way, I'm learning one day at a time to stop overthinking so much and to listen to my intuition more.

"One thing I know for sure is a woman's intuition is always on point."

I used to surround myself around the wrong people knowing in my gut the relationships felt dishonest. I'm learning to expect less from people and allow the universe to bring the right energy into my life. I remember reading somewhere,

"The 5 people around you are a strong reflection of you."

I want my 5 to be a strong reflection of my goals, ambitions, love and positive energy. In return I want to support those around me the same way. It is through these life experiences that I've grown to trust my intuition more. I believe there are universal signs all around us we just need to slow down and pay attention. Nothing else matters if you are not listening to your own feelings and honoring your soul.

I also used to wonder why things happened to me to later understand the universe is aligning accordingly. I went through a rough patch working in corporate feeling so stuck and uninspired. I would wonder how I got "here" and when this part of my life would come to an end. I would day dream about being in another environment that allowed me to grow beyond the four cubical walls that surrounded me. I wanted more out of life besides rushing through the rat race everyday and skipping lunch just to get ahead. Later realizing that rough patch led me to exactly where I'm meant to be - my dream career of working for myself and helping others. I opened a safe space yoga studio that not only allowed room for me to grow spiritually but for others to grow as well. Because lets face it we are all seeking the same thing, happiness.

4 words. Surrender the universe knows.

Peace & Love,



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