Inspiration: Routine Rut

Lately I've been feeling stuck in a routine rut. I'm getting bored doing the same thing at the same time, everyday. I even struggled writing this weeks blog post thinking, "what should I share and write about that has meaning to others?" I thought, maybe I'm not alone feeling this way and should share my thoughts.

Over the past few months I've felt like a routine robot. I started off the New Year wanting to feel more on top of things business and personal. I wanted to become more organized, efficient and move with intention in all areas of my life. I'm typically a free-spirited kinda gal (no wonder I didn't last in corporate), I move at my own pace but with a strong work ethic - I get the job done. However, I quickly discovered that mindset isn't going to last long as a business owner. This meant I had to become more focused on my everyday details and become more focused on action items, such as;

business development (a little goes a long way), weekly check-ins on my progress, waking up earlier to get a head start on my day and stop making excuses. I wanted to zone in on my day-to-day routine at the yoga studio and analyze areas for improvement.

I added more classes to the schedule to keep the energy alive in the studio, utilized my teaching time more wisely and offered a variety of time slots to our students. I'm currently teaching all classes and this requires me to get a grip on my at home / personal routine as well. I recently started meal prepping my breakfast-dinner on most days (that's a whole other blog post!!!) and it has helped a lot. Thinking about what to cook for dinner at 9pm is annoying. I recently created a weekly to-do list on my notepad app on my phone this way I can check in without any excuses. Now I keep track of priorities, take action on the small items to help me achieve my bigger longterm goals. I brought routine and discipline into my free-spirited lifestyle.

Not going to lie this was all exciting and fun in the beginning of the year and now starting to feel a bit mundane. I do miss being creative with my time and those spontaneous moments when I would just wake up to the "unknown." I understand there has to be balance between the two in order to make progress in life. I'm currently working on finding my balance.

Have you been feeling like you're stuck in a routine rut lately work or personal? Hoping my rut comes to an end soon :)

Peace & Love, Nicole


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