Inspiration: Protect your energy

Do you feel exhausted at the end of your day? Not only from the day-to-day work that’s expected but speaking specifically about the your spiritual energy. In yoga we focus on balancing mind, body and spirit. All three categories need love and attention in order to feel whole. I am grateful to be in an industry of helping others. I help people feel healed, healthy and empowered but I'm learning quickly that I too must protect my own energy. This is key in any career/job in order to be the best version of yourself. "You have to help yourself first in order to help others." This has become my new mantra when I start to feel low on energy and it seems to keep me whole and grounded. Some of the reasons I truly love about my job: seeing new faces when they walk into my yoga class for the first time and knowing how they will feel afterwards, listening to students tell me how connected they feel to their body's as they move on their yoga mat, witnessing the joy yoga brings to someone after a really good savasana. These are just a few simple yet meaningful moments I cherish as a teacher because these are the gems that keep our spirit’s uplifted.

5 tips to protect your energy:

Take time to talk less and listen more - often times we are so quick to share our stories, compare experiences and fill silence with noise. This is normal for everyone but a part of being a yogi is learning how to be comfortable with silence. There are so many answers and clarity in silence. Remember meditation does not always have to happen when you’re sitting with your eyes closed. Try learning to be at peace with your own thoughts.

Adjust your day-to-day behaviors - treat others how you would like to be treated. Most of us are familiar with this social rule but often times forget to use it. Think before you act, speak and move. Ask yourself, would I want to be treated this way? Or would I want to hear what I'm about to say to the next person? Remember kindness (always) matters.

Pay attention to your personal needs - do you put yourself last when it comes to helping others? If so, start thinking of ways to make sure your needs and desires are met too. Leaving yourself last every time isn't fair to your spirit or overall well-being. This is an ongoing practice for myself too.

Say no more and yes less - are you a yes person? Always finding ways to make EVERYTHING in your life happen and left still feeling unsatisfied. This is definitely a daily practice and does not happen overnight but with anything the more you practice the more comfortable you will feel saying, No and without any explanations.

Acknowledge yourself - you matter too! know when you are feeling low on energy and acknowledge it right away. Take moments to stop, breathe and slow down. By taking little moments throughout your day just to "check-in" will help preserve your overall energy.

Preserving your energy at all costs is priceless. There are a lot of people and experiences in life that will try to still your energy and you must protect it. Your time and personal space are sacred and you must honor it.

Peace & Love,



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