Health: Total body wellness

This has been a week of aches and pains, mental stress and overall body fatigue. I too experience all of this but I'm referring to most of the energy in the studio this week. So many students shared their feelings about shoulder pain, lower back tension, neck tightness, lingering headaches and overall stress from work. All of these situations are unhealthy and if not treated may cause long term stress to your entire body. I can't share enough how important it is to not only focus on the obvious pain but rather your total body wellness. For example, if you suffer from migraines don't just try to fix the head pain but instead maybe focus on your diet or lifestyle habits. Are you drinking enough water? Are you overanalyzing the same thoughts daily? Or are you just not getting enough sleep? Believe it or not our body's are trying to send us signs but we are all too busy to slow down and listen.

I used to suffer from stress at work which lead to terrible sinus pain and ongoing headaches. I used to blame the weather or the change of seasons. I would come up with so many excuses but never truly found long term relief. As I got more into yoga and holistic health I quickly realized my headaches were due to total body fatigue. I was over worked, dehydrated and not eating enough during the day. I was also mentally checked out by the end of the day and left with little to no energy for self care. I started taking private yoga lessons with my yoga teacher to aid in my mental health and physical pain. You would be surprised how much of a difference one yoga class a week or daily meditation can help with your overall well-being. Not to mention my perspective on life and body awareness naturally slowed me down and brought me into the present moment. This was just the beginning of my wellness journey. I later got certified as a reiki practitioner which is another from of energy healing. I strongly believe the energy we give and receive to others aka karma can sometimes get blocked inside of the body instead of moving more freely. Reiki helps remove the negative energy and allows the positive energy to restore and flow more naturally. My good friend who introduced me to reiki made a special house call this week to perform reiki on my husband and I because life can get hectic and making time for yourself is key. We both felt great afterwards and the renewed energy helped us both get through the rest of the week.

Most of the time we are all moving through life so quickly, eating fast, talking fast, walking fast, texting too much and making excuses why we can't fix our problems. You must make time to recharge and rest. In the end, you are in control of your life and more importantly your body. Take a little time to slow down, check in on YOU and take inventory on what's bothering you mentally and physically. If something or someone is not serving you work on removing that toxic energy from your life right away.

Here are ways to take action on your total body wellness: walk more, drive less if you can, make healthier meals, take a yoga class once or twice a week, sit in silence uninterrupted without your phone daily, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths, get a massage, go to bed early and if needed seek professional care. As I get older/wiser I'm learning to appreciate the value in taking care of my overall wellness. No longer just looking for a quick fix. Total body wellness should be a priority. Make the change today if possible, not when you can't even get up out of a chair :)

Peace & Love,



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