Health: Shaken but still whole.

This week was a shakeup for me. It started off with a migraine headache and low energy. I had a long list of things I wanted to accomplish this week for the studio, email follow-ups and finalize our upcoming Greece yoga retreat. In my mind, I was planning to start Monday off with a large iced coffee and go sit down somewhere far away from any distractions to get the job done. Instead, my migraine followed me through the entire week lingering on and off causing me to procrastinate even more. Unfortunately, it is allergy season and I just have to ride this one out as this is the norm for me this time of year. I have to keep doing my best to breathe through Spring :)

I've been trying some holistic healing such as; neti pot, lots of vitamin c, essential oils and other healthy remedies to keep my spirit up!

Although I did not get to fully accomplish everything on my to-do list I still feel completely whole. I feel stable and grounded internally and there's no self-judgment or disappointment at all. I just simply decided to slow down and take care of myself first instead of over doing it. There's something fulfilling about taking care of your needs and listening to your body. This is something I promised myself I'd do more of this year, self-care. It's so easy to lose track of your own energy, mental health and what keeps your body feeling whole. This week, I was shaken up for the better and looking back I needed this sign to remind me to slow down and trust that the universe will bring me back to me.

Sending positive light to anyone else having a rough week or is feeling low on energy.

You are still whole.

Peace & Love,



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