Healing: Moving through grief

This is not a post about health tips, the best green juice or the benefits of a child's pose. This is a raw post about honesty and owning my truth. A big part of my journey is sharing my truth in hopes to connect and inspire others. Since I can remember I've always been drawn to helping people "feel better" even if it meant putting my own feelings to the side. There's no wonder how I ended up becoming a Yoga Teacher. I love knowing in my heart that I helped or enhanced someone's life. By sharing a smile or listening to someone else's challenges can help that person feel heard. I grew up with a big heart full of love and creative passion but over the years life's hard experiences made my heart sensitive and I became protective of my feelings. Specifically, I have a hard time opening up and speaking about what I am going through good, bad or indifferent. The irony is we are all going through something worthy of sharing.

A major part of yoga is learning to be comfortable in the most uncomfortable spaces and sitting with that discomfort. If you practice yoga your body understands quickly not all yoga poses are created equally :) It's usually the most uncomfortable and difficult poses that we learn from and need the most in order to grow and unlock body tension.

In class I share with my students,

"We must learn how to navigate through the darkness by using our most powerful tool our breath."

"Your breath is your souls voice, listen to it."

I am on a healing journey. I have promised myself this year moving forward I will focus on healing, loving and listening to myself more. I have decided I will live my life each day like it is my last, fully present in each moment, only surround myself around positive like-minded people who are supportive and REAL and eat the healthiest food possible for long term wellness because life is short.

I too need to be heard and loved. I can't keep pouring from an empty cup. I am learning how to move through my own pain, grief and disappointments every day. I know in my heart I'm not alone and that gives me comfort in sharing more of my truth. I don't know where this journey is leading me but what I do know for sure is my feet are on the ground and I finally feel rooted in my own truth. Being honest with myself and honoring my feelings is helping me feel free. I am still working on un-learning how to keep my feelings bottled up inside. I'm a work in progress. I have this new desire to be the truest version of myself and sharing my truth is a healing start for my soul. Stay tuned!

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Peace & Love,



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