Getting stronger by being gentle.

Lately, I have developed a deeper passion at slowing down, becoming more mindful and listening to my body. Yoga does not only have to be a physical practice of asana aka yoga poses with an intense flow. Yoga is what you make it and every day is different. Our bodies change with time and each moment is a lesson. Some moments you’ll feel energized and strong and others not so much. This is the beauty of life. To accept that everything is fleeting and nothing stays the same.

I was walking to class the other day and I noticed the leaves changing on a tree. I stopped to admire the colors and touched the leaf. I saw the change but I needed to actually feel the change of texture from the leaf. This same leaf will soon fall off and maybe be gone by the next time I walk by. A gentle reminder that we’re also changing with the seasons, our bodies and our minds are constantly adjusting with time. 

Going back to my yoga practice; I started teaching 5 years ago with a strong Vinyasa Flow background. This is the style of yoga I was taught and embraced early on. Everyone was teaching vinyasa and it was a familiar style at most yoga studios. However, with time my body craved a more mindful and soulful style of yoga. I later researched gentle yoga and with time I self-taught myself how to fuse this style of gentleness into all of my classes. (thanks, Youtube!) I have been teaching, loving and leading others through gentle yoga for the past 3+ years and it has become my favorite part about teaching yoga.

This slower-paced yoga style allows me to not only connect deeper within my own practice but it has allowed me to develop a more meaningful connection with my students. Don’t get it twisted moving slower can also be more challenging because we’re holding poses longer and more importantly learning how to slow down our fast-paced minds too. 

I recently incorporated Yin Yoga into our weekly class schedule to allow students who crave a gentler paced yoga in order to go deeper with Yin. Wikipedia Description:

“Yin Yoga is a slow-paced style of yoga as exercise with asanas that are held for longer periods of time—for beginners, it may range from 45 seconds to two minutes; more advanced practitioners may stay in one asana for five minutes or more.” Yin Yoga classes are every Tuesday 6pm at our studio.

As I get to know my own practice better and what our students are looking forward to each month I want to offer as many different styles of yoga at our studio. I recently spoke with two women who have a strong yoga practice at our studio, almost 1-4 classes per week. Both have had some bone density concerns at the beginning of starting yoga and recently discovered from a routine check-up visit at the doctors their bones have naturally strengthened own their own. This makes my soul happy when others learn that yoga is more than just a physical workout it’s a healing practice too.

Yoga is therapy.

To read more on yoga and long term wellness here’s a health article shared by Harry Cline, Chief Educator at New

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