Flawed and (still) worthy.

When I started entertaining the idea of opening my own yoga studio I had some hesitation. I thought, "What if I'm not worthy enough?" All I ever wanted wanted was something that gave me purpose after years of feeling so lost working in Corporate America. I started my journey teaching in mainstream gyms, hot yoga studios, yoga studios that felt like sacred temples and noisy fitness facilities. It was a great experience overall because it allowed me to discover what I liked and disliked about each place. I started thinking about how I would develop my own yoga space one day, "What if my yoga studio doesn't look or feel like other studios?" I even doubted the name, Nkisoy Yoga because of it's uniqueness. Looking back now, I'm glad I kept the name because it's a beautiful representation of me and who I am. In Spanish, it means I am Nikki. I also doubted the small studio space size and location. We are located on a hidden street in Fort Lee, NJ blocks away from the hustle and bustle of Main Street. Looking back this was a great decision, shouldn't the the place where you go to practice mindfulness feel discounted from the real world? We're small and we like it that way. Small class sizes symbolizes more room for growth and less competitiveness. Growing and moving mindfully together in a semi-private class size is what matters most to me and hard to find in today's fitness crazed society.

As we approach our one year anniversary, what I know for sure is my heart is still full of passion and happiness. The idea of opening my own studio filled my heart with hope and a lot of fear. Not to mention, a young black female entrepreneur taking risks in a competitive industry. I still giggle at times when someone new walks in and is surprised when I introduce myself as the Owner. I never felt like I fit in or was accepted while working in corporate and now I stand out.

I've come to the conclusion, my studio is just that - my studio. It does not have to look like any other studio. I don't have to look like any other business owner. I determine what that image looks like and that's my super power. My experience is more than enough. I am moving and living through my own truth every day. The small studio space offers small intimate group classes and it serves it's purpose. The name Nkisoy Yoga makes me feel more connected to my business because it's a real reflection of me. In the end, I want people to walk into the space and see a relatable face. I want people to instantly feel the loving vibes within the studio walls . The fact that another young female can walk into another young females business and see a refection of herself brings me joy. I still remember the day I told my family, "One day I'll have my own yoga studio." And their response, "You will."

Peace & Love,



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