Finding inner peace with gratitude

Gratitude starts with you. I find the most peace when I think of the things I'm most grateful for. When I'm able to close my eyes and block out all of the problems I face each day. It's during these moments I'm able to go inward and disconnect from life. I discover the calm sacred space that always resides within me. Lately, I've experienced my gratitude during my meditations although meditation wasn't always easy for me, I've learned how to be consistent with my practice. I've given myself permission to be vulnerable, be still and listen to my own thoughts. Sometimes that's a scary space to enter but well needed.

Last year, I started saying affirmations during my meditations mostly acknowledging the things that I'm most grateful for. To be honest, just hearing myself speak my gratitude list out loud instantly soothes my mind. It allows me to bring everything into perspective and feel humbled. Sometimes we feel we have to take major action or wait to receive validation from others in order to feel connected to ourselves. Or sometimes all we need to do is close our eyes and sit with our own thoughts to realize our inner peace lives within us.

If you do nothing else today remember to show gratitude for the little things that bring you the most inner peace. Surround yourself with those things more. And trust that everything you're seeking: peace, love, balance, strength and gratitude is already inside of you. Go inward.

Peace & Love,



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