Creating space within stillness.

Photo taken by me at the calm sea.

I have recently rediscovered my calm space. A personal space that's just for me to be still and do nothing. I have to admit I've lost this feeling along the way of opening the yoga studio. Running a business creates an energy within that's hard to turn off at times. From the moment I wake up to the moment I lay down, I'm constantly overthinking my list of action items, "Did I do this?" or "Did I forget to do that?" In the beginning it was challenging for me to plan my days in advance because it's never been my strength to multi-task. I find joy in living in the present moment and putting all of my energy into one thing vs half of my energy into everything. Well, this is not a safe strategy when you have the responsibility to keep a business successful, fresh and new.

I love what I do and I couldn't imagine doing anything else or the thought of ever having to re-enter Corporate America. At this point in my life, I've overcome my career self-doubts and identity crisis of struggling to find my purpose in life. However, I still put a lot of pressure on myself to do everything perfect and at times it's hard to release some of that pressure in a logistic way. I guess fear of not knowing if things will fall into place or fall apart. I would say yes to everything. I was mentally and physically getting exhausted all of the time trying to please everyone. Now, I ask the simple question, "Is this giving me energy and fulfillment?" If the answer isn't a deep yes, then I know in my heart it's a deep no.

I'm so proud of my journey from where I've been to where I am today. I'm embracing every situation as an opportunity to grow, learn and move on from the previous day. This is my first business experience and I graduated from college with my B.A./M.A. in Media and Communications but somehow along the way I developed an entrepreneurial spirit mostly out of job frustration and wanting to invest in myself.

"I'm enjoying every milestone and taking time to acknowledge all the ups and downs of running a business." - Nicole

I'm learning quickly the only way to be successful is to ask for help. It's important to find the calm in the storm. Meaning, I must find ways to balance my work load in order to keep my spirit uplifted. Just recently I've let go of some of my responsibility of teaching so many yoga classes. For the last 14 months I've taught every single class at the studio. Last month, I let go of my teaching control and added another teacher into the mix and it's truly been a breath of fresh air. I forgot what it felt like to be away for a whole day or weekend and the business continues running uninterrupted without me. And I found the calm in my storm.

Peace & Love, Nicole


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