My Story

Hi, I'm Nicole aka Nkisoy.

I'm the creator of Nkisoy Yoga LLC a unique and inspirational yoga brand based in Fort Lee, NJ. Nkisoy pronounced "Nikki-soy" is a play on my birth name Nicole Sawyer. In Spanish it reads, I am Nki. In purpose, I am my own unique, true, and authentic self. My vision is to transform lives by helping others feel connected to their truest version of self. I am dedicated to spreading love, diversity and connecting others to mindfulness through yoga and wellness. I have developed a modern yoga studio that offers a gentle approach to yoga where you're guided every step of the way. All of our classes include a mindful pace, compassion and a qualified yoga instructor. Our purpose is to help you feel safe, empowered and enlightened on and off the yoga mat.


My journey began in 2010 when I was struggling with a demanding corporate career and seeking a peaceful outlet. In a culture where being true to yourself and honoring your feelings is rare, I took a big leap of faith in 2014 and left Corporate America to begin a self-discovery journey. Through my journey, I traveled to Central America, Europe, Bali, and visited family across the country. I learned how to meditate and soothe my anxiety, I developed a passion for yoga and healing my body's needs. Most of all, I found gratitude in helping others. 


Now, I'm a soulful yoga instructor, retreat facilitator, and reiki practitioner. I'm following my Dharma "life purpose" by providing service for others to heal through yoga and in return I too am healing. In 2018, my yoga practice was put to the ultimate test after suddenly losing my mother. I am grateful to have found yoga at a time in my life when I was unsure about life. Yoga has become an essential tool in my everyday healing process. 


I've met many students of all levels and backgrounds during my teaching experience, my students are also my greatest teachers. I approach life with an open heart by developing relationships with people of different abilities and from varying backgrounds. I possess technical knowledge including mindful vinyasa flow and a passion for gentle yoga. I earned my Yoga Alliance Certification, specializing in Gentle, Vinyasa and Prenatal Yoga. Sharing emphasis on yoga for all bodies, I teach thoughtful movement to promote both physical and mental well-being for all levels.


As a personable and passionate yoga instructor, I'm dedicated to sharing teachings from Dharma Mittra, Brenda Blanco and from my own yoga practice. Most of my students recognize me for my ability to conduct warm and inviting classes that foster a challenging and uplifting practice. My goal in this lifetime is to empower and uplift others through yoga, meditation, and mindfulness. 



Nicole (owner)



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