Yoga is a balance of holding on and letting go.

Healing comes in waves

Hi, I'm Nicole aka Nkisoy.

I'm the creator of Nkisoy Yoga LLC a unique and inspirational yoga brand based in Fort Lee, NJ.

Nkisoy pronounced "Nikki-soy" is a play on my birth name Nicole Sawyer. In Spanish it reads, I am Nki. In purpose, I am my own unique, true, and authentic self. My vision is to transform lives by helping others feel connected to their truest versions of self. I am dedicated to spreading love, diversity and connecting others to mindfulness through yoga and wellness. I developed an intimate yoga studio offering a gentle approach to yoga where you're guided every step of the way. All of our classes include a mindful pace, compassion and a qualified yoga instructor. Our purpose is to help you feel safe, empowered and enlightened on and off the yoga mat.


We offer small semi-private group classes enabling a greater one-on-one learning connection to strengthen the potential that's already inside of you. We have mindfully designed the studio space including; a friendly welcoming environment, eco-friendly Manduka yoga props for modifications, no extra charge mat rentals, full 5 min savasana with cold eucalyptus towels and small class sizes for all ages, sizes, and ethnicities. We encourage beginners to intermediate to join us, all-levels are welcome!

A studio for yoga, healing and wellness




What We Do

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